Carrie Hunt & Anna La Lau

The Step-Wise Approach for Treating Intention Tremor 2 (SWAT-IT2): The Community Application

Authors: Carrie Hunt, Anna La Lau, Denise Kendrick & Dr. Susan Forwell

Background. The Step-Wise Approach for Treating Intention Tremor 2 (SWAT-IT2) is a revised version of the original SWAT-IT that has been developed for broader application. This study aims to test the feasibility and clinical utility of the SWAT-IT2 in the community and to determine if the SWAT-IT2 impacts people living with multiple sclerosis (MS) satisfaction of function, and self-efficacy. Methods. Using the SWAT-IT2 protocol, one-on-one sessions were conducted with seven participants with MS-related IT. The protocol was applied to the daily functional activities. Data was collected using a demographic questionnaire (DQ), medical status questionnaire (MSQ), the new generalized self-efficacy scale (NGSE), the Multi-Dimensional Assessment of Tremor (MAT), Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS), Symbol Digits Modalities Test (SDMT), Tremor Treatment Techniques Visual Analog Scales (T3-VAS), and the Daily Tremor Evaluation Form (DTEval). Analysis included descriptive statistics to characterize the population and nonparametric statistics to analyze the pre-post intervention trends for client perceived function, satisfaction of function, and self-efficacy in the SWAT-IT2. Results. Nine participants were recruited to participate in the study, but two did not display IT at their visit and consequently did not receive the SWAT-IT2 protocol. Most participants found the techniques easy to use and incorporate into their daily lives. After a month of using SWAT-IT2 techniques, the majority of participants reported less tremor interference in their daily lives and some participants reported improved self-efficacy. Conclusion. This study adds to the literature surrounding non-pharmacological, non-invasive interventions for MS-related IT by providing a feasible and effective intervention protocol addressing functional activities.